Making Ads a Walk in the park

Let AdRetriever keep your ads up to date by fetching the right data to advertise your inventory quickly and efficiently.


Easy Customization​

Balance automation and control with customizable themes, or browse our template library to find a look that’s right for your brand.


Creative Automation

AdRetriever helps streamline the creation of your ecommerce campaigns, by automatically gathering, updating, and generating dynamic online ads to reflect your website’s inventory.



Dynamic Display and Video

Leverage display & video ads to deliver your message in a way that resonates best with your audience. Easily use AdRetriever to A/B test your messaging and optimize your campaigns.


AdRetriever is well trained to fetch information from your data sources. Manage your ads all in one place, and enjoy integrations with your favourite applications:

Extensive Platform Access & Integrations

Data Sources

Getting your products into AdRetriever.


Getting your ads and product feed onto your favourite platforms.

Upload tags to

AdRetriever tags make uploading and maintaining up to date ads in your favourite platforms a breeze.

And more!

Licensing Partners

Dandelion is our digital transformation licensing Partner for Google and Amazon marketing platforms, as well as other adtech tools. Focused on enhancing your digital marketing maturity, Dandelion delivers strategies that blend platform licensing, consulting, advanced analytics and marketing technology solutions that are unparalleled in the industry.

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